Design Truck and Design Shed

These are our dreams; but dreams we are working on to turn into reality.

Design Truck

This is our plan to create a mobile Design & Technology toolbox, delivering the latest in manufacturing technology plus a complete range of traditional tools and equipment to schools and community groups. Staffed by experienced D&T teachers and recent design graduates, Design Truck will offer a cost-effective and innovative way of teaching pupils the knowledge and skills of deigning and making in the 21st Century. Read more…

We have been aware for some time of how difficult it is for some schools, but in particular many State Primary schools, to deliver the new National Curriculum in Design & Technology. In particular we have seen:

  • the high demand for D&T activities in Primary schools, both pure D&T and cross-curricular designing and making activities
  • the difficulty of getting the right D&T facilities and equipment in Primary schools
  • a lack of confidence and experience on the part of Primary teachers to deliver D&T
  • the practical difficulties of taking Primary pupils to out-of-school locations (even if they were to exist nearby) to do D&T

This is set against the background of the new National Curriculum for Design & Technology which, both at Key Stage 1 & 2, says that pupils must…

  • select from and use a range of tools and equipment to perform practical tasks (for example, cutting, shaping, joining and finishing)
  • select from and use a wide range of materials and components, including construction materials, textiles and ingredients, according to their characteristics

We have therefor started development work on a Design Truck, both as an intermediate step to Design Shed (see below), and also as a stand-alone project in its own right. It will be, in current parlance, a mobile makespace, following some of the ideas piloted by the Stanford University SparkTruck (see their web site here.)

Keep an eye on our News, events and blog pages to find out how we are getting on, and please do email us us if you would like to be involved in its development, receive a copy of the Design Truck Prospectus or have it visit your school.



Design Shed

This is our dream of having a permanent home, a base from which we can carry out and extend our range of programmes, and hopefully a prototype for many such facilities beyond West London. Read more…

The essence of Design Shed is that it will be a locally run social enterprise offering workshop, design studio and rapid fabrication (FabLab) teaching accommodation together with low-rent workspaces for recently qualified designer/makers. The low rent will be achieved by the designer/makers providing group teaching and individual mentoring to the youngsters engaged in Design Education CIC programmes in lieu of rent. The basic spaces and their relationships are shown in the diagram below.

Keep an eye on our News, events and blog pages to find out how we are getting on, and please do email us if you would like to be involved in its development.