Design Club

What is Design Club?

Another of our out-of-school-hours programmes which we have been running since 2010 are Design Clubs on Saturdays (sometimes in the mornings, sometimes in the afternoons).

Clubs share many of the features of Camps—designer/maker led with teacher collaboration, focus on one major project or skill, groups of 15, pupils from two Year groups working together—but they run over 5 or 6 weeks during term time.

We have also run several workshops with a distinctly STEM (standing for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) flavour where we have involved teachers from disciplines other than D&T and A&D.

Who is involved?

We have aimed our Clubs at a slightly older age group (particularly for the STEM workshops) and have generally targeted pupils in Years 9 & 10. Parents again join in at an end-of-term ShowTime.

When is our next Club?

Currently (i.e. summer 2014), we don’t have any Clubs planned. However, we are open to suggestions and would be happy to set one up in your school or youth club if you would like to get in touch.