CPD and inset


What is our approach to CPD?

Continuous Professional Development as it has evolved at Design Education CIC has the following features:

  • Each CPD programme is made up of two 2 hour sessions held after school in a central location in London
  • The first session teaches a range of classroom-relevant ideas and skills, including specific ideas for immediate use in school
  • The second session, held some 4 months later (i.e. one term later), is an opportunity for attendees to feed back on how they have used what they learnt in the first session, and to learn some further more advanced skills
  • Each programme focusses on one particular topic of relevance to design education, and is delivered by two experienced Design Education CIC associates

Who is involved?

Generally, Secondary D&T and A&D teachers and PGCE students, but science and maths teachers looking for new ideas have also found our sessions useful. We’re also seeing an increase in Primary D&T Coordinators taking part in these sessions.

Each attendee has had their fee (currently £90 for the two sessions, but free to PGCE students) paid by their school out of their school’s CPD budget.

Topic Session 1 Session 2
Architecture in the classroom October 2014 February 2015
Design as a way of Teaching January 2015 May 2015
Promoting D&T in your Primary & Secondary school March 2015 June 2015

When are our next CPD programmes?

In the school year 2014-15 we are planning three programmes:

Our next CPD session will be Design as a way of Teaching and will be held on January 22nd from 5.30pm -7.30pm at the Royal College of Art in Kensington. For further details and to sign up please see our Eventbrite page or email us with any questions.

More information

Keep an eye on our News, events and blog pages as dates and locations firm up, or drop us an email and we’ll add you to our email list.


What is our approach to INSET?

Our INSET programmes are bespoke sessions, usually of half day duration, devised in conjunction with a specific client.

Typically this has meant working with Borough CPD Co-ordinators to meet a specific need within a Borough, or with a school’s SMT, again to meet a specific need within a school.

Who is involved?

There is no common pattern. For example, we have provided INSET to a large group of Primary teachers drawn from an entire Borough who needed to know about the new Primary D&T Curriculum; similarly, we have worked with Department Heads and subject teachers at a new Academy to introduce the idea of design/challenge-based learning in support of the SMT’s plans for an innovative curriculum.

When is our INSET

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