Schools and other educational bodies have come to us for advice and assistance with various problems and opportunities that they have faced.

Although each engagement has been bespoke, we have now formulated a generic schedule of consultancy services that we can offer. Please note that in some cases, advice would be provided by Design Education CIC associates rather than by directly-employed staff.

Preliminary Services

This involves discussing our client’s requirements, assessing them, and giving general advice on how to proceed. That advice might be guidance on the need for more specialists, or the need to carry out of further research to determine the feasibility of the client’s requirements.

Basic Services

Curriculum planning: prepare proposals for curricula; prepare cost estimates for delivery.

Programmes of Study: develop the agreed curricula into detailed programmes of study, including resource requirements; coordinate with school management and teaching staff; cost check as necessary; review against school’s assessment system and criteria.

Resource procurement and production: develop from the agreed programmes of study, schedules of materials and equipment, in sufficient detail to allow for ordering by client; procure and/or produce teaching materials as needed to commence teaching.

Other Services

  • Extra-curricular activities: devise and deliver after-school activities.
  • Displays of pupils’ work: design, produce and hang displays of pupils’ work.
  • Outreach: contact, meet, devise and deliver outreach programmes on behalf of the client.
  • Celebrations and end-of-term shows: devise, design, deliver and market end-of-term celebrations and shows to showcase pupils’ work to parents and other stakeholders.
  • Introduction of staff: identify; select and introduce suitable staff to deliver teaching programmes.
  • Post-programme evaluation: review, report and advise on completed programmes
  • IT consultancy: provide consultancy advice on computing, including guidance on selection of hardware and software, management systems and integration into the curriculum
  • Existing curriculum: review, report and advise on existing curriculum
  • Cross-curricular work: research, report and advise on opportunities for cross-curricular links between subjects
  • Career guidance: provide guidance to groups or individual pupils on training and careers in the design and creative industries
  • Work experience: provide contact within the design and creative industries for work experience
  • Selection of furniture, machinery and equipment: review architects’ plans; select and specify suitable furniture, machinery and equipment

Conditions of Appointment and Fees

We have developed generic Conditions of Appointment which, together with a Fee Proposal, would be submitted in response to a client’s enquiry and following a full briefing.

More information

Please contact David Baker if you would like to discuss your particular consultancy requirements.